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Sales Angel is a software company with a big idea:- people perform better when they  are guided through credible  and specific best practices. It’s a simple idea that is challenging to implement consistently and yet delivers powerful results

We specialise in helping companies achieve measurable improvements in how they engage with their customers:- as a result customer relationship management is a core competence.

Our clients can expect between 12% and 20% efficiency gains (link to generic questionnaire) based on our ability to improve:-

  • Customer information management:- information always to hand
  • Customer communications:- break down the barriers between voice and data
  • Automation:- let systems handle mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Best practice Deployment:- do the right things and do things right

Our solutions capture best practices in a flexible and easy to use process environment which guides the user through the processes that are  specific and relevant to them. It measures progress and enables improvement.

The telephone is a key business tool for our customers and we break down the barriers between voice and other forms of data. By connecting communications they improve performance and efficiency.

The integration theme is carried through into e-marketing where we provide many options  to support volume marketing campaigns including a low cost option called Mail Angel.

Sales Angel operates in well defined niche markets through the brands listed above. Call us for a friendly conversation about your needs.

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