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Prep & Ship for eCommerce sellers who want to scale sales AND get time back
Ecommerce is very exciting - you can sell on many platforms where customers find your products and your phone or inbox goes ping. Get a buzz when you see the sales? Then rush to get it boxed and dropped to the nearest Post Office? Fabulous when you have the time.. But it all gets a bit much when you start scaling and cannot do it daily. 
This era of "I want it tomorrow" means you really cannot wait.. 
That's where Sales Angel comes in - 6 days a week shipping via Royal Mail or courier.

Want to scale?

It's time to get smart...

Your backroom boardroom needs to make the decision to outsource your shipping. To expand and get more out of your ecommerce sales you need someone doing the heavy lifting for you.. that means take the deliveries, count the stock, check it's correct and get ready to ship it to your customers. 
Growing your business does not need you standing in the queue at the Post Office! Get your products listed - as 7 figure sellers we may even be able to give you some pointers. Connect your Shopify, eBay or Amazon store to our software and we can see, prep, box and ship your sales at just £4.99 plus vat per order, 48 hour tracked before you have made your first coffee of the day - we start at 8am!

How much is it?

A LOT less than your time is worth!

It is simple,  for around £1.25 a day +vat you get 10 x 14" cubes of storage space which holds a good amount of product. That's just £38 a month. We are good at stacking we use every cm plus any space above. This gives you space to grow and get ready for seasonal rushes. When you have sold something we prep, box and ship it for you for just £4.99 plus vat and that is 48 hour tracked - postage fee included! As you are connected to our software we can see your orders as they land and they will ship as quickly as possible - usually same day before 3pm. Depending on what you sell we negotiate on taking deliveries, checking goods and updating your google sheets inventory from just £1 a box. Get in touch for a chat. Ready to scale?

Shipping to Amazon?

We can take delivery, check, prep, bundle and ship your inventory for your fulfilled by Amazon Store - so you have time to source and look after all the myriad back office tasks Amazon throw at you.

Receive and Check Goods

It depends on the type and quantity you receive but we can discuss how long your typical shipments take to check and tailor this cost just to your business. Someone is in the warehouse daily from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings so you need never miss out.

Prep and Box

Everyday prep services depending on size with £3 per box minimum.... add vat at current valid rate.

  1. Labelling (20p per item)

  2. Bagging (from 20p per item)

  3. Bundling (from 20p per item)


Need shipping boxes? From £1.80 per box

Need a hazmat courier? £8 for first 10kg then £5 for every subsequent box to same location

If you are just using UPS you can just send us the PDF and we can do the rest for you

What's next?

There is no minimum contract for working with us - every client is very different. Tell us what you need and we will see if we are a fit for what you do. Payment is pay as you go in advance plus postage weekly. You can even have a free consultation on what you sell. Our forte is Amazon having helped several 7 figure sellers grow. Want the next level? Make it easy on yourself.

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